Fully traceable supply chain up to the cocoa plantation

These gourmet chocolates, with their varied flavours, will take you on a discovery journey to our cocoa planters.
Bio, Fair Trade and development programmes further beyond:

Our projects in Peru

Programme for the development of a native sort of cocoa “Nativo”:
By working with the cooperative Acopagro, situated in the village of Armayari in the Amazon rainforest, we were able to select a cocoa bean of pure origin Trinitario Nativo. This cocoa bean has a distinctly fruity savour, allowing for a high cocoa percentage without adding bitterness. The discovery of this wonderful cocoa is a real adventure.

The supply chain of our cocoa is fully traceable up to our farmers cooperatives Acopagro, Norandino and Oro Verde in Peru, and Conacado in the Dominican Republic. By buying our chocolate, you support the cocoa farmers in getting fair revenues for them to develop local projects:

  • Ban child labour and support children schooling
  • Reforestation with ecosystem relevant trees
  • Promoting women’s emancipation

The cocoa is processed on site:
Our goal is to increase the added value of cocoa in the producing countries, by allowing as many steps of the cocoa transformation (such as roasting and grinding) to be carried out locally in the plantations.

Our projects in the Ivory Coast

Income and profits are unevenly distributed on the chocolate market. The planters earn less than 1 Euro per day because of the low raw cocoa prices and thus remain extremely poor.
Our DIRECT programme consists of a special premium payed directly and in full to the farmers of the Saint-Paul Cooperative (ECSP) in Ivory

The objectives of the DIRECT programme are:

  • Appropriate schooling of children and ending child labour in cocoa plantations
  • Diversification of the plantations
  • Women’s emancipation
  • Reforestation and restoration of the biodiversity

Construction of a cocoa transformation factory:
The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire is the largest cocoa producer in the world but does not yet produce much Bio-certified cocoa. We have started a unique conversion programme where 960 farmers/families have moved to organic farming. To do so we are building a cocoa transformation factory in Daloa, together with the Ecookim cooperative.

Dark chocolate with toasted almonds and coconut

Origin: Ivory Coast

The cocoa of the sort Forastero grows in the Côte d’Ivoire and has a tasteful, smoky and slightly spicy flavour that fits perfectly with toasted almonds and coconut.

By buying this chocolate, you support our project to build a factory close to the plantations in Côte d’Ivoire!

Social impact:

  • Allowing 960 farming families to receive a decent income through the switch to organic farming.

Ecological impact:

  • 50% reduction in south/north transport freight.
  • 70 tons of cocoa bean shells are converted locally into natural compost.
  • 100% reduction in the use of chemicals for agriculture and transport.