Belvas’ DIRECT program:

While we were developing the DIRECT program, the exchanges between ECSP community and the cooperative, our team has been really impressed. First of all, by the technical knowledges of the company management and the trainers. Secondly, by their understanding of the real situation of the planters. Finally, by the organization and the structure of the cooperative.

The program was set up in a peer-to-peer relationship underlying the whole process.

Four goals have been defined (in the DIRECT program, the bonuses are expressed in US dollars per tonne of cocoa):

4. Biodiversity and restoration of the ecological heritage:

Ivory Coast is now deforested at 85%. Biodiversity is greatly undermined, resulting in real climate change over the last 10 years.

DIRECT includes a reforestation program by reforesting 100 shade trees per ha. In the Goroboro region it represents 2000 trees, in Nerobrousse, 2000 additional trees. The trees we selected are Samba, Mahogany, and Iroco.

Bonus: 150$ + free provision of tree seedlings to planters who can prove they have plantations.

DIRECT is also developing natural compost production to regenerate soil sustainably and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

Bonus: 100$ to planters who developed and spread natural compost.

Biodiversity trainings are provided by the team of trainers ECSP

Budget: Funding by ECSP.

The bonus of 150$ per ton is partly granted to ECSP for the implementation of this program, the field control, the reports to Belvas and the financial liquidation towards the planters benefiting of the bonuses.